Transforming Rehabilitation

Graduate from typical rehabilitation methods while saving money and providing better patient care with telehealth solutions from otinrehab.

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Increased Engagement

Enjoy highly increased patient engagement through rehabilitation

Actionable Statistics

Effectively focus on patients needs by tracking their every movement


Turn data into action with our custom programs creation tool

Low Costs

Lower costs through smart and engaging rehabilitation processes

Otinrehab Games

Help your patients overcome anxiety and pain by letting them play games, beat high scores and advance on leader boards

Using body tracking cameras we transform patient exercise movements into computer games. In turn your patients are happier, more engaged and eagerly awaiting rehabilitation sessions.

Our tools enable you to customize training sessions for each of your patients to provide the right amount of challenge to increase retention. You can set playtime duration, game difficulty and number of sessions.

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Otinrehab Manager

Due to our body tracking implementation we can track important angles and movement speed of the patients during training sessions making this data available to you.

We enable you to easily spot areas that are improving and the ones that need more attention.

Even better, you can share statistics with your patient as a proof of his recovery and a motivation factor.

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ABI & TBI Musculoeskeletal Conditions Geriatric Care Neuromuscular Disorders Neurodegenerative Diseases
Stroke Knee and Hip Replacement Post-op Fall Prevention Dystrophies Multiple Sclerosis
Tumours Shoulder Injuries Maintenance of Activity Level Myopathies Parkinson´s
Cerebral Palsy Spinal Cord Injuries Cognitive Impairments Amyotrophies Alzheimer´s
Anoxias Neuropathies Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Traumatic Brain Injuries